AlexCTF Writeup

The only challenge I solved during this CTF was the “unVM_me” reverse engineering challenge (finally! Something other than crypto!)

We were given a pyc (Python Bytecode) file containing the flag. Executing it asked for the flag, and told us if it was right or wrong.

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Here’s a quick writeup on the two challenges I solved (Banana Princess and Beginner’s luck) during BITSCTF with the Cryptis team. It was my first CTF and a great experience :D

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Analysis of a Word macro virus - 2701.doc

On 2017-01-27, I received a suspicious email on an address I no longer use.

EDIT: I received two more emails with the same file, only the message was different. Is it a recent ongoing spam campaign?


My name is Adam Buchbinder, I saw your GitHub repo and i’m pretty amazed. The point is that i have an open position in my company and looks like you are a good fit.

Please take a look into attachment to find details about company and job. Dont hesitate to contact me directly via email highlighted in the document below.

Thanks and regards, Adam.

Gmail refused to synchronise this email, saying it contained “a virus or a suspicious attached file”. Indeed, opening the attached .doc file on my phone, I only saw a yellow screen telling me to “Enable macros to see this document”. Highly suspicous!

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3DS Hacking 101 (WIP)

3DS hacking can be a bit daunting to approach even by tech-savvy people because of the lingo and all the different security measures implemented by Nintendo. This post will try to clear everything up.

Most of the information here comes from 3DBrew.

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